First Post

May 12, 2008


Basically, I needed a place apart from my Xanga to talk about cool random things.  Because for some reason it doesn’t feel right in my Xanga.

Regarding the username.  “kaleidoscopeyes” was taken.  “int0xicated” was taken.  I really like foam soap.

So for today, last night Calvin provided me with a piece of news that made me cry a little inside: a Donnie Darko sequel?  Really?

It sounds like a bad idea.  No, it is a bad idea.  Richard Kelly’s not even attached to it.  Who in the world is Chris Fisher, anyway?

Read the logline and join my skepticism!  Whoo!  “Picking up seven years after the original, the plot will follow Donnie’s sister Samantha on a road trip to Los Angeles, during which she is plagued by a series of bizarre visions.”

I hope I’m proven wrong. Who knows; I’m a sucker for anything involving time travel (the only “chick flick” I’ve ever really enjoyed?  Kate & Leopold), so if it’s remotely related to any of the stuff in Donnie Darko…*shrugs*


One Response to “First Post”

  1. Hiemann Says:

    indeed, that sequel is a horrible idea

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