I got a manicure…for my hair.

August 29, 2008

The first time I got one was last summer in Korea. I went to this salon where they barely trimmed my hair and did this manicure nonsense which is basically like coating-hair-dye squared, and it sucked. At least, there was no visible difference in my hair after about three days. But before we left Korea my mom found this:

Myplaire Color Acid, by Japanese company Milbon.

It’s magical. I did it back in January and I still don’t have a single split end (knock on wood!). I did it again last Friday but I was an idiot and left it in too long and for a day my hair was a lovely, bright shade of 55 Red Purple. But thanks to many vigorous hot showers it’s gotten a lot better, although in the sun my hair does look like Barney the Dinosaur.  (Not to mention the various red splotches on my scalp that looked like blood. I would take a picture but most of it’s gone by now.)

Next time I’m definitely opting for the clear color.


One Response to “I got a manicure…for my hair.”

  1. yvonne Says:

    are you sure that after doing hair manicure, it will have no effect after three days? which country are you from? cause i am planning to do this hair treatment…

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