September 27, 2008

Photo lazily, shamelessly stolen from Wikipedia.

By now you’ve probably heard of Chairlift, the band whose single “Bruises” is used in the new iPod Nano commercial. Thanks to Hiemann I can safely say I knew who they were before I knew that they were involved with Apple in any way. But this post is not about my dignity.

Unfortunately unavoidable circumstances came up and I missed a chance to see them live tonight and to see some short films (Rooftop Films) but some friends who went tell me the films sucked (and that CUNUFF is way better-yeah CUNUFF!) and Chairlift rocked, so yay yay yay. Fortunately they are playing at Bowery on October 18th ($15), although opening for some dumb band called “The Juan Maclean” whose three tracks I’ve listened to are about as bad as the US’s economy right now. Why they are not the ones opening for Chairlift is beyond me.

Soooo is it Yael Naim or Chairlift? Or both?? Probably both.


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