New Starbucks Lids?

October 31, 2008

I met Konny in Starbucks this morning before work. As I was walking in I saw a lady leaving holding a venti cup with a really ugly, flat lid and wondered to myself if they ran out of normal lids. Konny had a tall coffee and hers had a nice, normal lid. Well I get my grande drink and lo and behold, there is a FLAT UGLY LID on it, like worse than the kind you get with cheap coffee. There was a tab you had to rip open and there wasn’t even an indentation so you know when to stop ripping or the little lip you can tuck it into so that it doesn’t hit you while you’re drinking. Thanks to this new flat ugly lid I got hot hazelnut Americano all down my sleeve. Is this just a one time thing or did Starbucks get hit with the ugly-and-impractical stick?

(If my cup hasn’t been thrown away I will try to take a picture later.)

In other news, free Chipotle today from 6PM onwards if you wear aluminum foil! Oh yeah!


One Response to “New Starbucks Lids?”

  1. Doncare Says:

    Just throw the lid away and enjoy your drink!

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