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January 31, 2009

Still trying to think of a name for these.  Twitter Free Fridays? Do I have a single creative bone in my body?

9:04 Waiting for the 1 at Chambers.  Nervously anticipating today.

9:29 Arrival at Konny’s desk, latte from Claudia’s in hand.  Could a $1.50 latte be any more delicious?  I think not.

9:37 Printing 11 copies of a 1238 document today.

10:19 Wonder if the first copy is done yet.

10:32 Trying to figure out how I want the rest of my college years to play out.

10:45 2/11 sent to printer.  Apparently there are no stairs in this building.  I took the elevator up one floor (and back down).

10:55 Had a moment of panic/confusion and cancelled the print job…but it hadn’t even sent to the printer yet because there are just so many pages.  Ah well, here we go again.

11:41 Where in the world am I going to get $8500?

12:25 4/11 complete.

12:30 Dropped Art Hum.

13:24 I don’t  understand how this phone works.


15:00 There is a sink in the mailroom.  On the floor.  Turned on its side.


15:40 7/11.

16:00 8/11.  I have caused so many paper jams today.

16:11 I really should just delete all of my subscriptions on Google Reader.

16:45 10/11.

17:01 Adele is stuck in my head.

17:15 Gah!  Final copy is done but mailroom is already locked!  :(

17:27 About to head out.

23:49 Had dinner at Anna’s with Vicky and then prayer meeting.  ENERGIZED!  Going to David’s to record soon…

04:48 …Bed.



January 24, 2009

Stands for “I Did Not Twitter Today.” Instead, I wrote this blog entry! Friends, be thankful that I don’t actually Twitter like this.

9:10 Waiting at the platform for the train. I realized I left my phone in my room.

9:30 Drink accident of the week #3: Waiting at 96th for the express. Took my Naked Juice out of my pocket and dropped it. Reached down to pick it up but it continued to slide across the platform and then proceeded to FALL ONTO THE SUBWAY TRACKS WTF. (#1 I bought a Naked Juice which turned out to be spoiled even though the expiration date said February and #2 right before my Chinese quiz I spilled an entire cup of green tea and milk onto a chair which I suspect I later sat in during Jube! rehearsal.)

11:02 Addressing letters by hand. I really do have awful handwriting.

11:14 It must be nice to do something you’re passionate about for a living.

11:20 My eyes are BURNING.

11:25 At least I’m not falling asleep though.

11:43 I have “Single Ladies” stuck in my head. OH GAASH.

12:13 It smells like that potato-y soup I like at Au Bon Pain. Mmmm. Why am I not done with intake yet?!

12:50 My hair is static-y.

13:02 Intake box is wonderfully empty! Finally!

13:20 Going to lunch with Konny!

14:55 WTH. How did I just now find out that Pinkberry’s been doing buy one get one free for practically the whole month of January? It’s my fault for slacking on Google Reader. Bah.

16:43 Busy at work. Still haven’t decided whether or not to go to prayer meeting today…

17:17 Finished appendix. Waiting for 17:30

17:32 Leaving work now. Eyes are burning once again.

20:21 Haven’t done anything since getting back to my room. Seriously.

20:53 Why is it so hard to find someone to go to Pinkberry with? I have no friends.

23:11 Back from Pinkberry. I’m a (lonely) fatty.

23:50 Drink accident of the week #4: spilled tea all over myself just now.

00:23 Bed!


January 19, 2009


Hi Professor Kockelman,
I was in Intro to Language and Culture this past semester and really enjoyed the class.  I was able to sign up to take Functional Linguistics with you this semester with no problem but then I saw somewhere else that it’s a limited enrollment class, so I was wondering if there was anything additional I needed to do to be able to take it.  Thank you.

And he writes back:

hi Bommy
yes, please sign up


Eight Movies You Should Have Seen in 2008

January 13, 2009

Not technically a “best of” list, but here are some movies that I enjoyed this year that you might enjoy as well. As a disclaimer, most of them were made in 2008, but there are a few that were made earlier and didn’t receive a release until 2008 (or late 2007). Also as a disclaimer, there is one (major) spoiler for Burn After Reading.

8. Burn After Reading (2008)
7. Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)
6. Speed Racer (2008)
5. The Fall (2006)
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Hello, spring.

January 13, 2009

Oh, now this looks fun.

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