Twitter Free Friday

February 14, 2009

9:20 Left my phone and my iPod in my room. NOOOOOO.

9:23 Saw my first MetroPCS ad in New York.  Oh, the memories (I used to work at a MetroPCS store)…

9:40 Guy with a Spock haircut just walked in the subway.  Sweet.

9:41 Our conductor just wished us a happy Valentine’s day.  Awesome.

9:50 Wow, just saw a newspaper with a huge MetroPCS ad on the back cover.  Did MetroPCS just get to NY??

10:15 Working at Lee’s desk today.  Ooh, empowering!  (Lee is like the head of the ACLU IRP branch in NY.)


11:14 Wow, haven’t had Starbucks in a while.

12:45 Pringles Pizza Stix are absolutely delightful!

12:49 Oh, I just realized it’s Friday the 13th…*Gasp*

12:55 Just picked up flowers that Irwin sent Konny.  AWWWWW!!!

12:59 Strangely I feel more romantic and mushy when I’m single than when I’m in a relationship…Maybe I just like seeing other people happy.

14:00 Just had lunch at Financier with Konny.  Prosciutto and mozzarella and basil sandwich!

15:05 I am so thirsty.

15:20 I fell asleep for a second and thought I was in my room.

15:55 It’s really hard to find a really good Minesweeper clone.

16:19 Playing Tontie.  Wow it’s been forever.

19:45 Calling my mama.  Time for FAFSA.

20:44 Called Joy who did not pick up.

21:05 Discussing housing and such for next year, yet again.  Ruggles???

21:30 Hanging out with the Choi siblings tomorrow!

22:46 Doing Chinese homework.  Yay for mindlessly copying characters.

23:12 Watching “The Office” and doing Chinese homework.  WIN!


5 Responses to “Twitter Free Friday”

  1. David Park Says:

    oooo u use wordpress too o-o. i wus becoming nostalgic so i went xanga surfing and i happened to arrive here o-o i should start blogging again….hmmm. u minesweep freak :P

  2. calvin Says:

    simplified or traditional chinese?

  3. e Says:

    don’t they taste like pretz salad?

  4. calvin Says:

    that’s good. I remember having an entire notebook of page after page just copying characters too ;p

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