Twitter Free Friday

February 20, 2009

Today was really, really rough.

8:45 Praying there’s no work to do today at work.  I feel like death.

9:30 Head still reeling from recent events but strangely at peace with the world.  And myself.  Thanks God.

9:40 Everything is working out this morning.  Thanks God.

9:55 Babies.  I want one.  Or three.

10:33 Talking to Anna.

10:44 Konny says Anna and I flirt too much.  What…?

11:18 I would like to nap.

11:27 Konny just came in and gave me chocolate. Yay!

11:48 This day is so slow.  I don’t mind not doing anything but I wish the day would go by faster.  :(


12:04 Anna just printed out a list of all of my Facebook friends.  AWLEKTIJSFDLKJSLOLOLOL it was accidental but still WTFLMAO.

12:05 12:03 PM Anna: WOW
so apparently
i printed out a list of all your friends
on fb
and this guy just came by
and wa slike
do you have a friend named bahmee kim
me: what?!
Anna: how did that even happen
12:04 PM me: why did you print out a list of my friends?!
Anna: nono not your friends
i printed out your wall thread
and this guy was like
she has like 900 friends
i was like
and he was like
its fine
12:05 PM and he just delighted in the fact that you had so many friends

12:26 Good grief, the wind.

12:46 Good grief, people need Jesus.

13:06 Good grief, mood swing crash ZOMG.

13:09 Good grief.
Steven‘s status: “enjoying muchkins in the morn.”
1:06 PM me: MUNCHKINS!!!
1:07 PM Steven: yes.
you are.
me: I am munchkins?
Steven: yes.
you are.
me: oh.
Steven: Oh wow
that makes my status really awkward then.
you are ridiculous.
Steven: Doesn’t it though?
1:10 PM me: yeah
1:11 PM and you spelled it wrong
Steven: OH WOW
I’m terrible!
me: lol

14:04 Ugh done with Tontie.  Back to Minesweeper.

14:29 I just beat my own all-time record on expert.  I think.

14:50 Wow, I am completely out of it.

15:24 Strawberry-raspberry-blackberry-blueberry cake (or was it a tart?) makes the world better.  At least for a little bit.  Happy 30th birthday Michael!

15:42 Good grief.  Nearly cut my tongue licking this envelope.

15:53 Barely functioning.  Konny made me green tea.  Thank you, Konny.

17:13 So wise.
5:13 PM Anna: i dunno
i always think time is grace

17:15 Leaving work now.

18:10 Confused, annoyed, irritated.  Bollocks.

18:43 Chilling in Lerner with Hiemann and Mariko. Good times catching up!  It’s been forever.

19:13 Was supposed to watch a 7:10 showing of Coraline with Vicky and Chris but Vicky never picked up…

21:30 Hiemann treated me and Mariko to dinner at Max SoHa.  Thanks, Hiemann!

21:53 Still congested.  Also had a very very minor allergic reaction at dinner.

22:07 About to fall asleep as I type this email for RCF.

22:34 Goal today was to be in bed by 11.  Success!  Good night.


6 Responses to “Twitter Free Friday”

  1. jp Says:

    tff is good stuff

  2. i’m still not understanding what exactly tff is, but okay ._. and where do you work/what do you do/how long? :O

  3. e Says:

    allergic to what?

  4. foamsoap Says:

    Pecans and walnuts.

  5. Hiemann Says:

    lol i cracked up so much reading this
    wait do you do this on ur phone??

  6. foamsoap Says:

    Nope I just keep WordPress open throughout the day.

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