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Twitter Free Friday

February 20, 2009

Today was really, really rough.

8:45 Praying there’s no work to do today at work.  I feel like death.

9:30 Head still reeling from recent events but strangely at peace with the world.  And myself.  Thanks God.

9:40 Everything is working out this morning.  Thanks God.

9:55 Babies.  I want one.  Or three.

10:33 Talking to Anna.

10:44 Konny says Anna and I flirt too much.  What…?

11:18 I would like to nap.

11:27 Konny just came in and gave me chocolate. Yay!

11:48 This day is so slow.  I don’t mind not doing anything but I wish the day would go by faster.  :(


12:04 Anna just printed out a list of all of my Facebook friends.  AWLEKTIJSFDLKJSLOLOLOL it was accidental but still WTFLMAO.

12:05 12:03 PM Anna: WOW
so apparently
i printed out a list of all your friends
on fb
and this guy just came by
and wa slike
do you have a friend named bahmee kim
me: what?!
Anna: how did that even happen
12:04 PM me: why did you print out a list of my friends?!
Anna: nono not your friends
i printed out your wall thread
and this guy was like
she has like 900 friends
i was like
and he was like
its fine
12:05 PM and he just delighted in the fact that you had so many friends

12:26 Good grief, the wind.

12:46 Good grief, people need Jesus.

13:06 Good grief, mood swing crash ZOMG.

13:09 Good grief.
Steven‘s status: “enjoying muchkins in the morn.”
1:06 PM me: MUNCHKINS!!!
1:07 PM Steven: yes.
you are.
me: I am munchkins?
Steven: yes.
you are.
me: oh.
Steven: Oh wow
that makes my status really awkward then.
you are ridiculous.
Steven: Doesn’t it though?
1:10 PM me: yeah
1:11 PM and you spelled it wrong
Steven: OH WOW
I’m terrible!
me: lol

14:04 Ugh done with Tontie.  Back to Minesweeper.

14:29 I just beat my own all-time record on expert.  I think.

14:50 Wow, I am completely out of it.

15:24 Strawberry-raspberry-blackberry-blueberry cake (or was it a tart?) makes the world better.  At least for a little bit.  Happy 30th birthday Michael!

15:42 Good grief.  Nearly cut my tongue licking this envelope.

15:53 Barely functioning.  Konny made me green tea.  Thank you, Konny.

17:13 So wise.
5:13 PM Anna: i dunno
i always think time is grace

17:15 Leaving work now.

18:10 Confused, annoyed, irritated.  Bollocks.

18:43 Chilling in Lerner with Hiemann and Mariko. Good times catching up!  It’s been forever.

19:13 Was supposed to watch a 7:10 showing of Coraline with Vicky and Chris but Vicky never picked up…

21:30 Hiemann treated me and Mariko to dinner at Max SoHa.  Thanks, Hiemann!

21:53 Still congested.  Also had a very very minor allergic reaction at dinner.

22:07 About to fall asleep as I type this email for RCF.

22:34 Goal today was to be in bed by 11.  Success!  Good night.


Twitter Free Friday

February 14, 2009

9:20 Left my phone and my iPod in my room. NOOOOOO.

9:23 Saw my first MetroPCS ad in New York.  Oh, the memories (I used to work at a MetroPCS store)…

9:40 Guy with a Spock haircut just walked in the subway.  Sweet.

9:41 Our conductor just wished us a happy Valentine’s day.  Awesome.

9:50 Wow, just saw a newspaper with a huge MetroPCS ad on the back cover.  Did MetroPCS just get to NY??

10:15 Working at Lee’s desk today.  Ooh, empowering!  (Lee is like the head of the ACLU IRP branch in NY.)


11:14 Wow, haven’t had Starbucks in a while.

12:45 Pringles Pizza Stix are absolutely delightful!

12:49 Oh, I just realized it’s Friday the 13th…*Gasp*

12:55 Just picked up flowers that Irwin sent Konny.  AWWWWW!!!

12:59 Strangely I feel more romantic and mushy when I’m single than when I’m in a relationship…Maybe I just like seeing other people happy.

14:00 Just had lunch at Financier with Konny.  Prosciutto and mozzarella and basil sandwich!

15:05 I am so thirsty.

15:20 I fell asleep for a second and thought I was in my room.

15:55 It’s really hard to find a really good Minesweeper clone.

16:19 Playing Tontie.  Wow it’s been forever.

19:45 Calling my mama.  Time for FAFSA.

20:44 Called Joy who did not pick up.

21:05 Discussing housing and such for next year, yet again.  Ruggles???

21:30 Hanging out with the Choi siblings tomorrow!

22:46 Doing Chinese homework.  Yay for mindlessly copying characters.

23:12 Watching “The Office” and doing Chinese homework.  WIN!


January 31, 2009

Still trying to think of a name for these.  Twitter Free Fridays? Do I have a single creative bone in my body?

9:04 Waiting for the 1 at Chambers.  Nervously anticipating today.

9:29 Arrival at Konny’s desk, latte from Claudia’s in hand.  Could a $1.50 latte be any more delicious?  I think not.

9:37 Printing 11 copies of a 1238 document today.

10:19 Wonder if the first copy is done yet.

10:32 Trying to figure out how I want the rest of my college years to play out.

10:45 2/11 sent to printer.  Apparently there are no stairs in this building.  I took the elevator up one floor (and back down).

10:55 Had a moment of panic/confusion and cancelled the print job…but it hadn’t even sent to the printer yet because there are just so many pages.  Ah well, here we go again.

11:41 Where in the world am I going to get $8500?

12:25 4/11 complete.

12:30 Dropped Art Hum.

13:24 I don’t  understand how this phone works.


15:00 There is a sink in the mailroom.  On the floor.  Turned on its side.


15:40 7/11.

16:00 8/11.  I have caused so many paper jams today.

16:11 I really should just delete all of my subscriptions on Google Reader.

16:45 10/11.

17:01 Adele is stuck in my head.

17:15 Gah!  Final copy is done but mailroom is already locked!  :(

17:27 About to head out.

23:49 Had dinner at Anna’s with Vicky and then prayer meeting.  ENERGIZED!  Going to David’s to record soon…

04:48 …Bed.


January 24, 2009

Stands for “I Did Not Twitter Today.” Instead, I wrote this blog entry! Friends, be thankful that I don’t actually Twitter like this.

9:10 Waiting at the platform for the train. I realized I left my phone in my room.

9:30 Drink accident of the week #3: Waiting at 96th for the express. Took my Naked Juice out of my pocket and dropped it. Reached down to pick it up but it continued to slide across the platform and then proceeded to FALL ONTO THE SUBWAY TRACKS WTF. (#1 I bought a Naked Juice which turned out to be spoiled even though the expiration date said February and #2 right before my Chinese quiz I spilled an entire cup of green tea and milk onto a chair which I suspect I later sat in during Jube! rehearsal.)

11:02 Addressing letters by hand. I really do have awful handwriting.

11:14 It must be nice to do something you’re passionate about for a living.

11:20 My eyes are BURNING.

11:25 At least I’m not falling asleep though.

11:43 I have “Single Ladies” stuck in my head. OH GAASH.

12:13 It smells like that potato-y soup I like at Au Bon Pain. Mmmm. Why am I not done with intake yet?!

12:50 My hair is static-y.

13:02 Intake box is wonderfully empty! Finally!

13:20 Going to lunch with Konny!

14:55 WTH. How did I just now find out that Pinkberry’s been doing buy one get one free for practically the whole month of January? It’s my fault for slacking on Google Reader. Bah.

16:43 Busy at work. Still haven’t decided whether or not to go to prayer meeting today…

17:17 Finished appendix. Waiting for 17:30

17:32 Leaving work now. Eyes are burning once again.

20:21 Haven’t done anything since getting back to my room. Seriously.

20:53 Why is it so hard to find someone to go to Pinkberry with? I have no friends.

23:11 Back from Pinkberry. I’m a (lonely) fatty.

23:50 Drink accident of the week #4: spilled tea all over myself just now.

00:23 Bed!