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March 2, 2009


Yes, it’s finally happened. I created this months ago but today Hiemann finally convinced me to actually start using it. The roles of my Google Reader shared items, WordPress, Tumblr, and Twitter currently all stand be re-assessed some time in the near future…



February 25, 2009

…that I’m not allergic to hazelnut.  Hazelnut coffee and Twix is a delightful combination.

…for unexpected meetings, fruitful conversations, unrestrained laughter, people to love.

…for truth and coherence in times of BDFML.

Currently attempting to study for my Chinese exam.  It’s only two chapters but the amount of grammar we’ve covered is…mastodonic.  (Side note: it doesn’t help that I’m in a class full of Chinese people who, regardless of whether they are truly “non-native” speakers or not, have been exposed to Chinese in some shape or form all their lives.  It comes so much more intuitively to them.  Thank goodness there isn’t a curve in language classes…Or if there is, for my sanity I’m kept blissfully unaware.)

My linguistics professor (the crazy absent-minded brilliant one) extended our problem set deadline until…Thursday.  It was originally due Wednesday.  Only one more day?  :(  I’m still trying to decide whether this is a blessing or a curse.  On one hand I won’t be freaking out about it tonight as much as I would have been, but on the other hand I don’t know how much headway I’ll make on it tonight because of this Chinese exam, and regardless I’ll be freaking out about it tomorrow because I also have my CC presentation for which to prepare.  (Oh, yes.  I’m so excited to lead a two-hour discussion on Hegel.  Joy.)

In other news, spent most of the day today with the Japan kids.  Not everything (read: very little) went as originally planned, but I think it worked out well.  I feel bad because they were all so tired (especially the Kaz).

All in all the week is going surprisingly smoothly.  And fast too.  As fast and painless as it could be going, considering various given circumstances.  I’d like to think this is a testament to God’s mercy.



January 19, 2009


Hi Professor Kockelman,
I was in Intro to Language and Culture this past semester and really enjoyed the class.  I was able to sign up to take Functional Linguistics with you this semester with no problem but then I saw somewhere else that it’s a limited enrollment class, so I was wondering if there was anything additional I needed to do to be able to take it.  Thank you.

And he writes back:

hi Bommy
yes, please sign up


Roomie Love

December 6, 2008

Vicky and I no longer speak to each other in real words.  All communication takes place in the form of URLs.

AIM IM with just DUUU it


November 25, 2008

This is hilarious. Who knew Snoop Dogg was so funny?

Snoop Dogg: This smell GOOD, what is this again?
Martha: Mashed potatoes!!!

Free Dr Pepper

November 23, 2008

You have a little under an hour to get a coupon for a free Dr Pepper! Go! Go!

New Starbucks Lids?

October 31, 2008

I met Konny in Starbucks this morning before work. As I was walking in I saw a lady leaving holding a venti cup with a really ugly, flat lid and wondered to myself if they ran out of normal lids. Konny had a tall coffee and hers had a nice, normal lid. Well I get my grande drink and lo and behold, there is a FLAT UGLY LID on it, like worse than the kind you get with cheap coffee. There was a tab you had to rip open and there wasn’t even an indentation so you know when to stop ripping or the little lip you can tuck it into so that it doesn’t hit you while you’re drinking. Thanks to this new flat ugly lid I got hot hazelnut Americano all down my sleeve. Is this just a one time thing or did Starbucks get hit with the ugly-and-impractical stick?

(If my cup hasn’t been thrown away I will try to take a picture later.)

In other news, free Chipotle today from 6PM onwards if you wear aluminum foil! Oh yeah!

Foam soap, like frealz.

September 28, 2008

I was in Japan this past summer for missions, and I’m just gonna throw it out there, Japan has the greatest foam soap I have ever used in the world made by a company called Kirei Kirei which literally means “clean clean” or even “beautiful” in English. It is thick and foamy and creamy and light…just wonderful. It doesn’t fall apart when it hits your hand. I wonder if they sell this in the US because I would buy that stuff like no other.

Kirei Kirei is freaking huge in Japan. I don’t think I saw any other brand of soap when I was there. Unfortunately most places had Kirei Kirei liquid, not foam, soap. Which really isn’t all that exciting. Regardless, foam soap is just one of the many things I miss about Japan…


September 27, 2008

LOL I love /Film.

I got a manicure…for my hair.

August 29, 2008

The first time I got one was last summer in Korea. I went to this salon where they barely trimmed my hair and did this manicure nonsense which is basically like coating-hair-dye squared, and it sucked. At least, there was no visible difference in my hair after about three days. But before we left Korea my mom found this:

Myplaire Color Acid, by Japanese company Milbon.

It’s magical. I did it back in January and I still don’t have a single split end (knock on wood!). I did it again last Friday but I was an idiot and left it in too long and for a day my hair was a lovely, bright shade of 55 Red Purple. But thanks to many vigorous hot showers it’s gotten a lot better, although in the sun my hair does look like Barney the Dinosaur.  (Not to mention the various red splotches on my scalp that looked like blood. I would take a picture but most of it’s gone by now.)

Next time I’m definitely opting for the clear color.