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Forgive Me, Gorgeous

February 10, 2009

Forgive Me, Gorgeous is my friend Ryan‘s one man band. And he is le awesome.

Ryan and me my senior year of high school.

Ryan’s a really cool guy and he can sing and play guitar.  He used to be in a screamo band called The Last Great Bridge Jumper. They were pretty serious about pursuing a career in music after high school but eventually disbanded and finally fell through after an attempted reunion over this past summer.  Leaving Ryan by himself once again.  As he writes in his blog: I once again began to look for something else. But this time, something new. Not an old strategy, or a revitalized idea, but something completely fresh. I started writing my own music. It fits best in the indie/folk genre, like Dashboard mixed with Jack Johnson mixed with Rocket Summer mixed with Manchester Orchestra.

Anyway, Ryan’s a great guy and really passionate about what he does. It’s been awesome watching him on his “journey” of sorts.  Please check out his stuff! “Volkswagen Commercial” is just very Ryan. And 2:56 in “One Unheard Message.” Good grief!

Check out his antics on his YouTube page as well.